X-Topology Example Videos

Basic Curve and Surface Definition

This video shows the basic process of working with curves with the constraint and snapping tools. The curves are then used to build a very simple surface

Building a hull surface using just the boundaries and feature curves

In this video a hull surface is defined using just the boundary and feature curves. The example is based on a British Canal Narrow Boat which is predominantly constructed of flat and single curvature steel plate. It demonstrates how a hull form can be defined with limited definition.

Building a hull surface using projection and intersection to create the feature curves

This video extends the approach used in the Narrow Boat definition used above to create a simple barge with boundaries formed from the intersection of 2D shapes such as the deck and sheer.  It demonstrates how these shapes are built up and how PolyCAD's generate geometry tools can be used together with the X-Topology definition.

Designing the bow of a hull form using Lofting as a quick indicator of shape

In this video the forward end of a hull is designed. It demonstrates how to build up the boundaries and shape the region of a hull form. X-Topology Lofting is used as an indicator of shape allowing refinement and inspection of section curvature before the Surface is applied.

Using intersection and curve fitting tools to capture shape from an old hull definition

Since more hull surfaces are redefined from existing definition than designed from scratch this video demonstrates how the shape of a ship hull form can be captured in X-Topology using the Intersection and Curve Fitting tools.  It allows you to capture the shape and Design Intent of a hull form in a very short space of time.

Using intersection and curve fitting tools to refine a curve network during design

The curve fitting tools can also function on the X-Topology definition. This is useful because often the shape of the surface definition can be destroyed if you need to reconfigure it. The fitting tools allow you to add curve based on the shape of the surface into the definition in the right place in the definition hierarchy. The may often mean that some existing curves will attach themselves to the new geometry.