Download PolyCAD 10.5 10.8Mb - Last Updated 03-03-21 - Already Registered?, See below
Download PolyCAD 10.4 10.5Mb - Last Updated 04-07-20
Download PolyCAD 10.3 10.0Mb - Last Updated 31-05-18
Download PolyCAD 10.2 9.96Mb - Last Updated 22-07-17
Download PolyCAD 10.1 9.91Mb - Last Updated 30-06-17
Download PolyCAD 10.0 9.29Mb - Last Updated 09-02-14 - Initial Release Notes
Download PolyCAD 9.0 8.81Mb - Last Updated 28-09-13 - Initial Release Notes.
(Getting Started Info)
Download PolyCAD 8.0 6.78Mb - Last Updated 26-11-07
(Getting Started Info)
Download PolyCAD 7.0 1212kb - Last Updated 20-10-06

PolyCAD is software locked and will function as a demo for 30 days or 30 runs if the trial option is selected. During this time the import and export options are disabled. Register the software for free by following the instructions below.

Registering PolyCAD

To obtain an authorisation code for PolyCAD, you will need the machine key from your system. This is displayed the first time PolyCAD is run on your machine or when "Trial Mode" is reset, as shown below. To register PolyCAD, please email me you code to

Please note that the key is produced manually and will not be returned until your email has been processed. If I'm travelling this can sometimes take a day or two.

If you have already entered the "Trial Mode", the machine key will not be display until the trial period is over. The trial mode can be reset from the Register button in the PolyCAD group on the Home menu tab as shown below. The Registration process can also be started from here.

Please enjoy using the software and if you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Already Registered?

If you want to download a newer version of PolyCAD and you already have a registered version of the software running on your system you do not need to re-register.  Just take a copy of the PolyCAD.lic file and keep this in the same folder as the PolyCAD executable.

Some systems do not allow PolyCAD to save the license file in the same folder, normally when PolyCAD is kept the Window Programs Files folder. In this case, the license file is stored elsewhere and it is easier to re-register if the license file is not found automatically by the newer version.

You cannot transfer the license file between different computers or Windows Installations. In this case, register again. It is free.

Experimental scripting solution for programming PolyCAD Curves and Surfaces

Download Scripting 7.34Mb , Last Updated 27-01-11 - See News for more info.

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