15-03-11 - Release of Experimental Scripting Language for manipulating PolyCAD Geometry

Since introducing Hull Transformation capability in PolyCAD 9, there really needs to be a proper scripting interface to some of the basic functions and geometry within the tool. The use of a scripting interface to manipulate hull geometry was one of the solutions considered as an modeling approach for X-Topology in respect of a parametric hull generation but this forces the user to have to learn and work with a script rather than a graphical user interface. However, the ability to systematically manipulate geometry using a sequence of commands has important in situations where optimisation techniques are being used.

Rather than develop a solution which purely provides hull transformation functionality, a complete scripting solution which exposes the curve and surface entities as well as providing variable, loops, flow control, file and arrays. However, PolyCAD already has an existing scripting tool and this means that until the new scripting tool provides the existing compartment generation capability it will be necessary to work with a separate applicaition which contains PolyCAD. Consequently, there is a lot of flexibility to experiment and investigate. Certainly, my own objectives are to use the scripting interface to systematically explore the capabilitys of the Form Topology bases hull transformations. Already the interface exposes the topological transformation points and regions which are not accessible in the graphical user interface.

I have made this scripting interface available on the downloads page so it can be tried out and new ideas explored. The download includes the software, a help file detailing most of the command interfaces developed so far, a number of examples covering:

  • The loading of geometry files
  • Management of entities,
  • Creation of curves and surface
  • Access to upright hydrostatic calculations
  • Examples of hull form generation using Yachtlines, and ShipLines
  • Hull transformation of BSpline Surfaces, BSpline Surface List and Section based representations
  • Creation of X-Topology Surfaces
  • Form Topology transformations of X-Topology Surfaces.

The project is on-going and I plan to upload new versions of the software as I extend it and update the help file. Give it a go and let me know how you get on...