02-11-20 - PolyCAD 10.5 Released

The PolyCAD 10.5 update delivers a range of major and minor updates, and also a major update to website content. During the Covid-19 lockdown a significant amount of development effort was made to improve the software with some initiatives still to be finalised. In this release you will find:

  • The validated release of the Holtrop and Mennen resistance and powering estimate. The solution has been checked against recent texts to validate the calculation process, fix bugs and with help from some users the method has been validated against results produced by other systems. Notably, the propeller selection process has been updated, the Gawn segmented propeller series is now included as well as air/wind resistance.
  • The Delft series calculation has been updated to include versions 3 and 4. Upright and heeled resistance calculations have also been updated around keel and rudder appendages based on the process laid out in Aero-Hydrodynamics and the Performance of Sailing Yachts, by Fabio Fossati.
  • The Holtrop and Mennen, and Delft series have been moved to a Resistance and Propulsion button on the Analysis tool bar with new Icons. This allows for additional calculations to be introduced in the future.
  • An interface to the e57 file format for storing point clouds has been introduced. This is a digital format that stores both point data and associated images. The format also defined the contents of the file and the numeric ranges of data like colours. This means that, unlike import from text data, it's not necessary to define the purpose of the data inside the file.
  • An Image Editor as been introduced which allows typical manipulation of pictures such as resize, cropping and colour changes. Specific tools which allow the reorientation through rotation and straightening allow corrections to be made if the image has been reproduced poorly from hard copy. A De-Speckling filter can be used to remove unnecessary clusters of pixels to improve image clarity.
  • It is now possible to Group different types of surface representations together through the use of a new Composite Surface entity. This is created through the existing Surface Grouping tool and allows analysis to be performed on, for example, a hull form consisting of both parametric and faceted surfaces.
  • The Free Body Hydrostatics and Stability calculation can now use the Parametric Weight Estimate to define displacement and centre of gravity. The calculation will track any changes to the weight estimate definition and update when reviewed.
  • An interface to ANSYS AQWA has been published supporting both LIN and DAT formats in Import and Export. This interface was originally developed in 2007 but was never released at the time. The DAT export allows the preparation of facet based models for Hydrodynamic calculation, managing the assignment of diffraction panels and hydrostatic data.
  • The Parametric Weight Calculation now allows Structural loads to be defined as Symmetric, which add a duplicate weight mirrored across the centre line.
  • The calculation of Waterline Length has been updated to determine the precise ends of the floatation length for hull forms defined by surface geometry. The analysis will extract the major waterline length, ignoring any additional water plane intersections cause by separate appendages like a Bulb.
  • Major sections covering the analysis functionality of PolyCAD have been added to the website discussing Geometry Analysis, Hydrostatics and Stability, and Resistance and Propulsion. Pages discussing Point Clouds and Image Processing have been updated in respect of the new e57 interface and Image Editor.